A-Pro Home Inspections include a comprehensive analysis of the home’s foundation system as part of the Structural

Systems Analysis. Your A-Pro Rockwall Home Inspector will describe through their reporting the visible conditions discovered relating to the foundation such as:

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Comprehensive Foundation Level that shows the high and low points of the foundation

Foundation Cracks
Visible Foundation Deflections
Slopping Floors
Floor Movement
Cracks within interior and exterior wall systems
Doors and windows

negatively impacted by home movement
Framing components and trim negatively impacted by home movement

LIFETIME VALUE FOUNDATIONS                           


Baseboard Waterproofing System                              50
Bituminous-Coating Waterproofing                           10

Block                                                                100+
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)                                 100
Post and

Pier                                                                   20 – 65
Post and Tensioned Slab on Grade                            100+
Poured-Concrete Footings

and Foundation             100+
Slab on Grade (concrete)                                             100

Foundation                                                           5 – 40
Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF: treated)           75

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